Announcing Our New OB Concierge Program

Atlantic Women's Medical Group (AWMG)
Announcing Our New OB Concierge Program

Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most important and exciting times of your life! Our goal is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and up to date care from your first visit through your entire pregnancy and childbirth experience. While this is a beautiful and natural process, we recognize that it also comes with a few worries from time to time.  As such, AWMG is proud to announce a new and exciting program called the OB CONCIERGE SERVICE. This service will provide a direct line of communication from our obstetric patients to our office and medical staff. During your first OB visit to the office, you will meet with our obstetric concierge, who will provide you with a phone number that has been especially created for you. If you should have a question anytime during your pregnancy, please don't hesitate to call the OB CONCIERGE for immediate attention.

This reflects our commitment to providing the most comprehensive OB care possible.

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